Indian Scalp Massage for Beautiful, Shiny Hair

Women from India are known for their Thick and Shiny Hair.  One of the Indian Customs that has been passed down from generation to generation is the Indian Scalp Massage.

All you need to buy for this is Oil.  Olive Oil, CoconutOil or Almond Oil are all good choices.  On Dry Hair apply oil with your hands.  Putting the Oil in a Bowl first is less messy.  Apply enough Oil until your Hair is fully saturated.  Then comb threw your hair to make sure it is spread evenly.

Once the Oil is applied, you are ready for your Scalp Massage.  It is preferable to have your Husband or friend do this for you.  However, you can easily do this yourself.  Just sit in a comfortable place with a towel around your neck and begin the massage.  Keep your eyes closed and vary your finger pressure from light to hard.  Do this for 5 minutes or longer.

After the Oil has been in you hair for 30 minutes go ahead and wash your hair as you normally do.  If you really want to give your Hair extra Conditioning then leave the Oil on overnight.
Post Title : Indian Scalp Massage for Beautiful, Shiny Hair

Indian Scalp Massage for Beautiful, Shiny Hair,


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