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People employed to promote various events and businesses are fairly ubiquitous in London, but Tuesday the 28th of October seemed to be a popular day for crazy costumes. The Harajuku maid girls (top right) handing out Yo Sushi coupons were particularly eye catching. The Hare Krishna gentleman's depressed demeanour was lightened briefly by having his picture taken (or at least by having someone willingly talk to him), and a mixture of (very) limited Spanish and charades was involved in getting a picture of the blue-haired lady in Camden (top left) promoting a Tapas restaurant (the picture was taken on the condition that her sign was included).

A common theme amongst people in and around Oxford street was the idea of 'Neutrals With A Twist'; blacks and browns accented with just a hint of colour or print - leopard print seemed to be especially favoured. It was a pleasant surprise to find quite a number of fairly alternative people around the generally mainstream Oxford Street; the girls in the top right were just edging on the fashionable side of crazy, and the couple (next on the left) were pleasingly British Heritage/ Steampunk, if rather snobbish and unfriendly.
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