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Bags under eyes is one of the most headache problems facing by millions of ladies, especially those working office ladies that have not enough resting time. Bags under eyes is really annoying and it is extremely difficult to get rid of the bags under eyes. Since bags under the eyes is pretty hard to get rid off, as it is not like a dry skin problem where you can apply moisturizers creams to solve the problem. It really takes a period of time to get rid of bags under eyes.

Root Causes of Bags Under Eyes:

A. Temporal Effects
1. Not enough sleep has 40.5% effect on forming bags under eyes
2. Over drinking water before sleep has about 6% chances
3. Wearing contact lenses continuously for a long period of time has about 9.5% chances
4. Applied too much strength in removing face cosmetic has about 14% in forming eye bags
5. Tension and worries will contribute 30%How To Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes to eye bags forming
B. Permanent Effects
1. Inherited from parents (DNA) has 51.5% chances getting eye bags
2. Flabby skin will have 48.5% chances getting eye bags
Effective Ways in How To Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Through Massage
1. Slight and continuously tapping the places around bags under the eyes, this help to accelerate the blood circulation. Since the black pigment in the bags under the eye is due to slow blood circulation too.
2. Continuously tapping and rubbing the nerves around the eyes and bags.
3. Massage the nerves at eyebrows, using your index and middle finger to rub from centre eyebrows to the end of the eyebrows. Repeat 3 times.
4. Using your both index and middle fingers to rub from the end of the eye socket towards the side of the face. This helps in preventing sagging eye bags, helps forming a firmer skin around the region. Repeat 3 times.
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