Don't Overdo it with the Fake Lashes

Let him see your eyes "Nothing is more unattractive to me than when I see a girl with a caked on face and big phony eyelashes. It just looks like she is trying way too hard which is telling me she is the kind of girl that requires way too much effort," says one guy. Other men replied with similar distaste when asked how they felt about faux eyelashes: "Not a fan. With fake eyelashes, you get this strange plastic look around the eyes that doesn't fit, unless the rest of the body is plastic as well ... if you know what I mean." Some guys didn't mind them, but one warned, "go ahead and wear them if you think they look hot, but just so you ladies know, it is a huge turn off if one of those things comes off. Ew."
Post Title : Don't Overdo it with the Fake Lashes

Don't Overdo it with the Fake Lashes,


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