Simple Tips To Up Your Make-Up Application Game

When it comes to putting on makeup, do you often feel clueless? Maybe you struggle with applying eyeliner or can't seem to find a color palette you love. Getting your makeup regimen down pat isn't easy. As people in the biz, we've taken years of beauty tutorials and been through a lot of trial-and-error with thousands of cosmetic products — so, we've got some beauty words of wisdom. Master your makeup once and for all by following the five tips ahead.

Glitter & Shimmer Are Different Things
People tend to get a little excited when it comes to glitter and shimmer once the holiday-party circuit kicks into gear — which is any day now! They may both be sparkly cosmetics, but you shouldn't use them interchangeably because they offer totally different results.

Glitter is made up of flecks of light-reflective particles, and you should apply it for high-wattage sparkle power. Shimmer, on the other hand, uses teeny-tiny specks of finely-ground glimmer to offer an overall, subtle light reflection. While glitter is a festive way to play up your party look, it may appear a touch too disco for daytime. Unless you're really amping up the sex appeal for a bold night out, stick to shimmers to add natural depth and radiance.
Post Title : Simple Tips To Up Your Make-Up Application Game

Simple Tips To Up Your Make-Up Application Game,


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