Here's How To Grow Some Serious Repunzel Hair

If you were living in a Brothers Grimm fairytale, growing your hair out would be as easy as finding some magic beans or crossing paths with a temperamental witch. In the real world, there’s no supernatural way to fast forward through the process, since hair typically grows at a rate of one inch every eight weeks. But with some patience and care, reaching great lengths is totally achievable.
Below, two hair experts share their top tips for growing longer, healthier hair.
Trim strategically.
According to celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway, who’s helped clients such as Jourdan Dunn and Olivia Palermo grow their hair, a trim—just a half-inch will do—every six to eight weeks is ideal. By sticking to this schedule, you’ll prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft, which causes breakage. Wait longer than 12 weeks, and that trim will become a haircut.
Stay hydrated inside and out.
Indulge your hair in an ultra-moisturizing treatment at least once a month. “I like to do a pre-shampoo treatment with avocado and coconut cream, followed by a Kerastase shampoo and mask and an apple cider vinegar rinse,” says Lori B, trichologist at Salon Ziba in New York City. “The results are shiny, healthy hair.” Drinking water is also key. “The first thing I notice when someone is not well hydrated are the effects on their hair, nails and skin,” Redway says.
Minimize opportunities for damage.
Invest in a silk pillowcase. “The friction of your hair against a cotton pillowcase can result in breakage,” says Redway. And shampoo less, she says, “to minimize the stripping of natural oils.” Dry shampoo and co-washes are your friends.
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Using the right brush can also make a difference. For example, while a boar bristle brush can work wonders on dry hair, it can cause tangles and damage on wet strands. “I recommend a paddle brush like Aveda’s Wooden Paddle Brush,” says Redway.
And this might sound like a no-brainer, but always apply a product that provides thermal protection before using a hot tool. In addition to burning and dehydrating your hair, the heat can also compromise elasticity which can lead to breakage, says Lori B.
Take a supplement.
Biotin, a tried-and-true option, supports healthy hair growth. Redway recommends Viviscal to her clients, a supplement that contains hair-strengthening iron and vitamin C in addition to biotin.
If hair still won’t grow to your desired length, get to the root of the problem…
“Proper blood work can tell you a lot,” says Lori B. Possible causes of stunted growth or hair loss can be attributed to a number of things, she says, including increased stress, thyroid problems, protein deficiency, hormonal changes, crash dieting and alopecia. “It’s essential to pinpoint the issue before you can begin treating it,” she insists.
…Or try extensions.
“Depending on your hair type, some hair extensions can actually help hair grow,” says Redway. “It’s called a protective style; it’s when most of your real hair is tucked away so it will be prone to less damage.” One way or another, longer hair can be yours.
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