What is the Best Hairbrush for Your Hair Type?

Ok, so every magazine is on the Mason Pearson hairbrush kick. It's all about boar bristles, if the beauty writers are to be believed. But are they right? Is it all hype or is there a real benefit to natural bristle hairbrushes?
Yes, there is. But you don't have to buy boar. There are many natural bristle brushes on the market, Mason Pearson is just the Cadillac of hairbrushes at $85 on up. Any hairbrush with natural bristles mixed in with plastic is a good bet. Natural bristles are easier on hair than cheapie plastic brushes and they redistribute oils throughout hair, boosting shine. They also massage the scalp which is good for scalp health.
Eva Scrivo, the celebrity hairstylist and owner of Eva Scrivo Salon swears that brushing your hair can solve so many hair problems, from dry ends, to scalp problems.

Natural bristles are best for this, nylon only bristles are too harsh on the scalp and won't distribute hair oils.
Cheap, plastic hairbrushes aren't necessarily bad for hair (except for the ones with the double bristle, one long, one short -- these can tear at hair), they just don't benefit hair as much as natural bristles.
Brushes come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to create specific looks. Here are my rules to hair brush buying...

What Types of Brushes Should You Buy?

The type of brush you use depends on what hairstyle you're after.
For big, bouncy waves, nothing works better than a round brush. The bristles are tightly packed in and grip the hair, allowing you to hold hair in place while drying it. Round brushes generally come in 4 sizes from small to extra large. Choose your brush based on your hair length. Use a smaller round brush for short hair and the extra large one for really long hair. You can buy round brushes with metal cores that conduct heat and act as a curling iron but I recommend brushes made with a wooden core.
For super straight, sleek hair, a paddle brush is a better bet.
For anything in between, you can use 2 brushes. I like to start with the paddle brush to detangle wet hair, move to the round brush to blow out hair and then smooth hair at the very last with the paddle brush again.
A vented brush is good for adding body to really fine hair.

Why Your Hair Texture Matters

Consider your hair texture when choosing brushes.
If you have normal to thick hair, a brush with a mix of nylon and natural bristles will work best.
For fine hair, a brush with only natural bristles won't tear at hair.
If you have coarse, thick hair, skip the natural bristles and consider an all-nylon hairbrush, which tends to be stronger.

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Post Title : What is the Best Hairbrush for Your Hair Type?

What is the Best Hairbrush for Your Hair Type?,

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