Add These Foods To Your Diet For Weight Loss

Being Fit and Slim has so many benefits.  We all know it is good for our Health, Makes Us Better Looking, More Confident and can even help you to get a higher paying job!  Fad Diets come and go.  Sometimes they work in the short term and sometimes they don't.  Dieting can be difficult!  Enough Said.

Try Adding These Healthy Foods to Your Regular Diet.  Improved Health and Weight Loss is sure to follow.

1.  Oatmeal

2.  Almonds and Other Nuts

     These contain the "Good Fats" and are high in Fiber and Protein.

3.  Protein Powder
     Mix it in with your Smoothie.

4.  Olive Oil

5.  Berries

6.  Eggs

7.  Beans and Legumes
     Legumes include Lentils

8.  Salmon
     Preferably Fresh and Wild Caught.

9.  Whole Grains
     My Favorites are Brown Rice and Air Popped Pop Corn!

10. Green Vegetables
      Getting a good variety here is important.  Don't forget the mirable food Broccoli!

11. Lowfat Dairy
      Your Body needs plenty of Calcium and Vitamin D.

12. Avacados

13. Dark Chocolate
      Yes this is very good for you.  Please remember that moderation is key here.
Post Title : Add These Foods To Your Diet For Weight Loss

Add These Foods To Your Diet For Weight Loss,


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