Simple Beauty Truths to Practice Everyday

Some of the Best Beauty Advice is the Beauty Advice we have all heard before.

We are told to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water everyday.  Here is a reminder of why this is so important.
1.  Hydrated Skin is firmer, more supple and shows less wrinkles.
2.  Drinking Water helps to reduce your appetite and loose weight by eating less.  Drinking enough water also helps you loose weight by helping your body function optimally and burn calories quicker.
3.  You will tend to have more energy with a hydrated body.
4.  Water helps to flush out toxins which will make your eyes brighter and your hair and nails healthier.

We are also told to get 8 hours of sleep each night.  While each person has slightly different sleep needs, it is well agreed that getting less than 6 hours a night is not enough.
1.  When you are sleep deprived you tend to reach for junk food for energy.
2.  Being tired is an excuss many people use to not exercise.
3.  Dark Circles can appear under your eyes and you are just not your normal "bubbly" self.

Wear Sunscreen EVERYDAY!  Even in the Winter Time.
A Plastic Surgeon once told me that the single most important Beauty Tip is to wear Sunscreen.  At a minimum of SPF 15 everyday.   Wearing Foundation on your Face also gives an additional barrier to sun damage.  Do not forget to use sunscreen on your hands and chest too.  The Sun's damage can occur even on cloudy days.

Some experts believe that 80% or more of an aging appearance is due to Sun Damage.  Keep away Wrinkles, Age Spots, Uneven Skin Tone and Sagging just by using Sun Screen.  If that isn't motivation enough, just look at some photos of Skin Cancer.  We only get one body and one set of skin.  So let's take good care of it!
Post Title : Simple Beauty Truths to Practice Everyday

Simple Beauty Truths to Practice Everyday,


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