The Bright and the Bold

I absolutely fell in love with bright bold statement colours this season. So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across the perfect yellow blazer paired up with a pink blouse the outfit was already looking really good in my head. I could not possibly leave these purchases in the store to be picked up by a stranger, these items needed a good home (they would be safe in my hands... =] ). P.S I had to match my nails to the outfit LOL!!

I really love the way the yellow blazer compliments the pink .... my personal opinion = pink and yellow are a match made in heaven. Also, I did not wear many accessories as to overdo it and kept it simple.

 My hijab/turban had little specks of the pink and yellow colours I was wearing but the outlining colour was black I did not want to overdose on the bright colours therefore the subtle hints of colour on the hijab was perfect.

Face of the day... eek its geek!

the colour did not pick up very well but I wore a navy maxi skirt which I felt suited the bright tones of yellow and pink :)

I couldnt resist...... matching nails!! Hehe x

Scarf- Primark
Rings- Primark
Watch- Michael Kors
Geek glasses- H&M
Yellow belt- stolen from little sisters dress :o

Yellow Blazer- H&M
Pink blouse- H&M
Navy skirt- Primark

Nail wraps from Primark 

Hope you liked this post feel free to comment :D
keep it under wraps xoxo
Post Title : The Bright and the Bold

The Bright and the Bold,

The Bright and the Bold


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